R.M. Prioleau
Achievement Unlocked: “3 Years as a Published Author”

The Necromancer's ApprenticeToday marks the day that I hit that ‘publish’ button on Amazon, and sent my very first book, The Necromancer’s Apprentice out to the world. It was very frightening as I came to realize that this was no longer a childhood dream. I had achieved one of my many goals in life, and it felt good.

Sales were slow at first, and I didn’t know what to expect. I advertised on social media sites and readers/writers forums. Of course, I was a new fish in this giant ocean, and I knew as an unknown author I wasn’t going to be the … (Read more) »

R.M. Prioleau
Flameseeker is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

At long last! The highly-anticipated conclusion to my first-ever trilogy is available now! Get your copy today! And please don’t forget to leave a review! Thanks so much!


At the aurorium of the Firelord, Ignis, Kaijin Sora finally feels a sense of belonging for the first time in many years. But when a conspiracy befalls the clergy, Kaijin is once again tasked with making things right.

His journey will take him throughout his homeland of Aransiya, across the sea, and into the harsh desertlands of Ankhram, where he must find and stop … (Read more) »