More Summer Madness

There’s never been an idle moment for me this summer. New side projects have sprang up amidst the writing. I’m preparing to attend FWA in October (more details on that in a later post), which means many side projects (like promo items). I’m finalizing Firebrand (which seems like a never-ending process). Lastly, I’m preparing to do a reprint of The Necromancer’s Apprentice. I’d like to have all this done by October. We’ll see what happens.

My local writing group, The Dragon’s Sandbox, has started a new movement called Fantasy Trading Cards in the same retrospect and theme as Romance Trading Cards. As you guessed it, the Fantasy Trading Cards movement helps promote Fantasy authors and brings awareness to readers who are fans of the Fantasy genre. I’ll be creating a new section on my website for all the cards I’ll have available and how you can get your hands on some! 🙂 The trading card movement has proven to be a popular and fun endeavor for both readers and authors of the Romance genre. I hope FTC will be just as effective!

FTC can be found at: (check out the Twitter page, too!) @FanTradeCards.