April – May Sales

I thought I’d follow the trend of other indie authors and post the sales progress for The Necromancer’s Apprentice. The book debuted on April 7, 2011, though it wasn’t made fully available on all of the other websites until a later date. Therefore, I will include both April and May’s sales to make things a little easier.

Total sales (April 7-ish – May 31): 30

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the sales (in ascending order):

Amazon US: 24

Smashwords: 3

Amazon UK: 1

Barnes & Noble: 1

CreateSpace: 1

These are all digitally-bought sales (including CreateSpace, which the paperback was bought via online). There were actually a few more paperback sales which were sold offline (I would estimate about 6-7 copies).  I did modest advertising and a giveaway at Goodreads towards the end of May (which so many people have added it to their ‘to-read’ lists!). This was all such an intimidating experience for my debut book, but all in all, I’m quite pleased with the results!

I was also pleasantly surprised to discover I actually had a sale in the UK! (I guess that makes me an international seller, right?) It’s always been my dream to have my stories shared throughout the world, so seeing that sale brought out a whole new level of motivation.

Hopefully, this month will be even better.

I’ve already begun my next project as I eagerly await Camp NaNoWriMo later this summer. The event just can’t come fast enough! I’m anticipating the remainder of this year will be event-heavy, which I am preparing for accordingly.

Looking forward to doing new and exciting things!

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