Post-Convention Update!

Had an awesome time at the 1st Annual Ocala Comic Con! What an amazing turnout, especially on Saturday! It was great to meet so many people, including old friends. Even better, I was almost completely sold out of books! I completely sold out of all 25 copies of The Necromancer’s Apprentice, and was down to just 1 book of the 25 of Firebrand and 2 books of Enflamed! It was so refreshing to see so many kids so excited to read (and I hope I will get some new fans from it!), as well as adults who enjoyed fantasy books. I’d say that this was probably my most successful con out of all the cons I’ve attended thus far. And it certainly took me by surprise, because I was having second thoughts about getting a booth there. But I’m glad I did. Hopefully next year will be even bigger and better.

Now, back to the grind of editing/rewriting book 3, so I can (hopefully) have it released by this fall. This book is going to be bigger and better than the last! 🙂

Spring Updates!

Wow, where does the time go? I’ve been staying busy with writing-related projects these past few months. First off, the UCF Book Festival was a HUGE success! I sold out of Firebrand! Thank you, everyone for your support, and it was awesome to meet so many people there! I had a fun time, and I definitely plan on attending next year (4/15/2014)!

Camp NaNoWriMo was rough, but also a success. Lesson learned: don’t do NaNoWriMo when you have other WIPs and deadlines on your plate. It gets VERY tedious. Regardless, I have another draft done, and something I can put away and edit later when I finish my other projects.

My biggest project I’ve been working on now has been Flameseeker, which is book 3 of the trilogy. It’s undergoing major rewrites, and I’m about 45% of the way done with it before it needs to be sent off to the editor. I was hoping to have the book out by this summer some time, but I don’t think I will make that deadline. It will probably be out this fall. The book will be MUCH longer than the first two — most likely my longest book I’ve ever written. It will be a huge accomplishment for me to finally see it finished.

Other projects that are nearing completion and will be out soon (sometime this summer) are: Bane of the Goddess (the second and final short story of the Goddess mini-series), and Present Company, a flash fiction which I will be making a FREE download. Present Company is a short prequel to The Necromancer’s Apprentice.

And speaking of The Necromancer’s Apprentice, a new (and final) edition has been uploaded to all major ebook retailers. If you previously purchased the book, you can re-download it at no charge. The paperback versions have also been redone. For the past year or so, I’ve been formatting books as a hobby, and I think I’ve gotten a little better with the paperback formatting, so I thought it was time to update my own books.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It’s been a long while, but there has been lots of awesome things going on in just the past month. First, I successfully finished NaNoWriMo with 50,154 words! I’ve already set that novel aside so that I can work on book 3’s edits and rewrites. This is probably my most dreaded part about writing because it’s so time-consuming.

Some other great news that came about is that “Enflamed” and “Tears of the Goddess” have received 4 and 5-star reviews thus far! You can read their reviews here on Goodreads! I’m very excited, and this Christmas holiday season, I’ve been working on three new projects, one of which will be released very soon, so stay tuned.

My books have been featured on Bunny Cates’s recent book haul! Check it out!

Thank you, everyone, who joined in the AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit! I had a great time meeting people and answering everyone’s questions. It was my very first AMA, and I hope I can do it again very soon.

I am going to be attending the UCF Book Festival on April 13, 2013. This is a growing event that showcases authors from all around. I’m so excited that I was chosen! You can check out more information at their main website:

…and last, but certainly not least, I had the greatest honor to be featured in a Christmas collage featuring various Kindleboards authors. This AMAZING piece was done by the talented Keith Draws!