R.M. Prioleau

R.M. Prioleau Author PhotoR.M. Prioleau is a game developer, web programmer, and artist by day; and a dangerous writer by night. Since childhood, she’s continued exploring new methods of expanding her skills and creativity as she delves into the realm of literary abandon.

When R.M. is not levelling up or RPing on her favorite MMORPGs or indulged in the latest old school fighting games and RPGs, she is hard at work advocating for great literacy movements and non-profit organizations like National Novel Writing Month and We Need Diverse Books.

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Books by R.M. Prioleau

R.M. Prioleau enjoys writing epic fantasy and sword & sorcery stories inspired by classic tabletop games, video games, and books. Equipped with her infamous Bag of Holding containing all of her writing tools, RPG handbooks, character sheets, and velvet dice pouches, R.M. Prioleau is always prepared to embark on a new adventure. As a result, you can expect to become immersed in a unique breathtaking story when you read her books!

Check out R.M. Prioleau’s catalog of books and discover your next epic adventure.

R.M. Prioleau’s Awards & Recognitions

2014 Royal Palm Literary Awards – Song of Faith receives FIRST PLACE in the “unpublished novella” category.

2013 Royal Palm Literary Awards – The Necromancer’s Apprentice receives FIRST PLACE in the “published novella” category.

Media & Licensing Information

For media, foreign rights, and licensing inquiries for R.M. Prioleau’s books, please contact Chikara Press.

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